About Us

Ken Van Es, Executive Director
The YMCA has been a cornerstone for the Eau Claire Area since 1887. Since its inception, the YMCA has responded to community needs in a variety of ways. At one point, the Y served as a rooming house. Currently, the Y is one of the largest childcare providers. Over the years, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Kids have learned to swim, play basketball, play football and participate in a variety of other activities. Many Kids have literally grown up at the Y.

Working at the YMCA, I have the opportunity to see a lot of it taking place. From kids being dropped off and picked up, to shooting baskets together in the gyms or families swimming together on Friday nights. People are changing their lives by becoming more fit and healthier. It is an amazing benefit of my job and it continually reminds me of the significant impact the Y has had and continues to have on the people of Eau Claire.

As you browse, our website, it is my hope that you will be attracted to what is going on here. Take advantage of one of our programs or feel free to come visit our YMCA facilities. As you may or may not be aware, we are currently in the planning stages for a new YMCA. This has been a long and arduous task, but we are making progress. If you would like to be involved in this exciting initiative, please feel free to contact me directly at 836-8460, x112 or ken@eauclaireymca.org.

Our Mission –
We Build Strong Kids, Strong Families, and Strong Communities

Our Vision –
To be the Premier Family and Youth Activity Center for the Greater Eau Claire Area

2014 Eau Claire YMCA Annual Report