Swimming Lessons

Pre-School Aquatic Programs

Our preschool program provides children with their first pool experience without parental assistance in a safe, fun and positive learning environment. Class size is 1 to 10 for Skips class. Skips participants are ages 6 months to 36 months and must be accompanied by a parent. Class ratio is six swimmers to one instructor in Pike – Starfish. Ages 3-5.

Skips, Parent/Child Swim lessons (3-36 months)
The Parent/Child program introduces aquatic safety and water enjoyment for parent and child. A parent will accompany their child into the water for each lesson. The Skips class focuses on strengthening the parent and child relationship while learning the fundamentals of water safety.

Pike & Parent (2-4 years old)
This new Parent and Child class is ideal for a toddler who is looking for more independence in the water under the guidance of a parent. This class is perfect for any preschooler who is not quite ready to swim without the parent. Pike I skills will be the basis of each lesson.

Pike I (3-5 years old)
Pike I introduces new swimmers to the pool. Pike I participants are introduced to floating, kicking, blowing bubbles and pool safety with an instructors assistance.

Pike II (3-5 years old)
Pike II strives to further assist the beginner swimmer to adjust to swim lessons. In Pike II, swimmers learn to float, kick, and blow bubbles independently.

Eel (4-5 years old)
Eel Swimmers are able to independently float, kick, and blow bubbles. Eels are able to comfortably perform the paddle stroke 10 yards.

Ray/Starfish (4-5 years old)
Ray/Starfish swimmers strive to improve their existing stroke skills with exposure to treading water, rhythmic breathing, and underwater swimming.


Youth Aquatics Program

Your child will learn personal safety, stroke development, water sports and games, and rescue skills. Class ratio is six swimmers to one instructor in Polliwog – Shark. Ages 6-12.

Polliwog (6-8 years old)
Polliwog swimmers learn floating skills, flutter kick, paddle stroke, elementary stroke, and personal safety. This class is ideal for school-age swimmers who are new to swim lessons.

Guppy (6-8 years old)
Guppy swimmers continue to build on their floating, kicking and rhythmic breathing skils. Guppy simmers are expected to swim 25 yards without assistance and comfortably swim in water greater than 4 feet deep.

Minnow (8-12 years old)
Minnows are challenged to become acquainted with several strokes like front & back crawl, breast stroke, elementary stroke, and side stroke.

Fish (8-12 years old)
Fish are pushed to refine their stoke technique and learn the butterfly stroke. Fish are expected to comfortably swim 50+ yards per lesson.

Flying Fish/Shark (10-12 years old)
Flying Fish/Shark swimmers are expected to master all swimming strokes! Stroke technique and swimming endurance are largely emphasized. Flying Fish/Sharks are expected to comfortably swim 200+ yards per lesson.

Adaptive Aquatics

This program has been designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Learn how to swim or exercise in the water with an instructor on a one-to-one basis or in a small group session (3:1 ratio). Adaptive Aquatics will enhance the participants flexibility, range of motion, coordination and balance according to their unique needs. Come join us for some fun in the pool! 6+ years old.